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Same Day Bleaching

Over time our teeth tend to become discolored or stained. Whether this is from: wine, smoking, coffee, tea, berries or any other foods, a beautiful smile could be closer than you think. We offer a safe, inexpensive solution to an unsightly smile. Bleaching or Whitening your teeth is a very simple procedure that can give you your smile back.


 First, your hygienist will thoroughly clean the sufaces to be bleached and protect the surrounding gum tissues with a "Paint On" liquid-plastic material. The bleaching material is the carefully applied to the teeth and a bright blue light is pointed at them for 15 min. This step will be done twice. Once the whitening process is complete, your hygienist will clean away the gum protecting barrier and in one office visit you have a clean crisp white smile.

Make sure to ask if you qualify for this!

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